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The NEWEST composition of December 24, 2021:


On this site, you will be able to familiarize yourself with my style as a composer. These are works that are officially called neo-classical or contemporairy classical music - whatever that means.

"The real find of romanticism is the joy of melancholy."
Godfried Bomans (Dutch writer)

In addition to reading a description of the works, you can also listen to the music to get an impression. It is generated electronically - albeit the most faithful possible. Thanks to the current state of electronics, the quality is generally very good, although it is definitely lacking the nuances of a human performance. The only advantage is that the choir and the strings are always perfectly in tune!

I did almost all the choral works in different languages. This means that all the texts sung in the music have been translated by me into the corresponding language. The translations also imply that the musical instructions in the score have been translated - at least to the extent that they are not noted in the usual musical jargon.

All sheet music is on sale by Galaxa Media. PDF delivery for musicians playing from tablet is also possible. Please go to: Galaxa Media Publishing House.

All music publications are provided with an ISBN and an ISMN number. All works are therefore registered with Buma/Stemra and the international association Donemus for the benefit of copyright and performing rights in the Netherlands, as well as in the rest of the world.


Of course you can ask me questions at any time by my e-mail address.

"Melancholy is the awareness of temporality and the rarefied dream
that makes life so bearable."
Gerrit Komrij (Dutch writer)

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