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The little Clown

Voorblad The little Clown Ensemble: Solo Baritone, choir (TTB), Oboe, Bassoon, Timpani, Piano
Published: July 2018
Text: Nicolas Lange / Aristos Bouïus
Duration: ± 11.20 minutes

ISBN: 9789461331076
ISMN: 9790803557054

A recent composition (completed in July 2018) about a little boy who wants to become a clown. He eventually succeeds, but the longer he stands in the limelight, the less and less he wants to be this clown. However, people do not see his true emotions when he is dressed up. Do not see how alone he really is.
Just as with a number of other compositions, I am very grateful to Nicolas Lange*) for his beautiful (German) poems. I have to admit that I have edited them here and there and then translated them into the three other languages ​​that you will find on these pages. The illustration of the score is from my personal 'buddy' with which I entertained children in Japan. Yes, I myself was also a clown during the performances.
The composition is inspired by and dedicated to the personal friend and former professional English baritone (he retired from the 'scene' now) with a beautiful voice and a versatile repertoire George Mosley (see for example: here, but there are easy more sources on the Internet if you type in his name). For him, I wrote the baritone solo part - not as a bel canto but a party to mingle with the male choir.
He sang his party with verve (in this English version) during a rehearsal in Tel Aviv.

*) To my great sorrow, I can no longer find Nicolas Lange via the 'almighty' Internet.

This is the poem:

As child, he pictured by himself,
his dreams to become reality.
His dream was once to be a clown,
who always laughs and never weeps.

One thing though, he could not foresee,
for when the stage lamps turned off,
hides not often such a clown,
mostly a sad expression?

“I will be clown!” he often thought,
looking despondent at the stars.
So now he is a little clown,
but it’s not the same as in his dreams,
since, when flooded by the stage light,
he emanates another sight.

On stage his heart rejoices,
no trace of grief nor sorrow.
But how it really feels, nobody sees,
hidden by his radiant face.

One sees but lark with joy combined.
Under the clowns’ mask however, he weeps.
People don't see, how he manages.
The whole crowd screams, the whole crowd laughs,
and many dream in secret time,
ever to become a clown as well.

Though when the last curtain comes down,
the stage no longer is alight,
then dreams the clown, clown to be no more.
Although his wish is small enough,
he remains alone with his dream.

Below you can get an impression of this composition in its latest version.

I advise you not to listen to the music via a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. That could turn out to be a disappointment, unless you use very good headphones. For a reasonably acceptable experience, a computer with a good sound system is required!

Please note:
This music is an electronic representation and is therefore not comparable to a human version! For example, one does not hear the words of the sung text by the choir, but only "aah" and "ooh". The instruments, on the other hand, are quite realistic thanks to the latest electronics. It remains, however, that the whole of the interpretation of the conductors/musicians is missing and therefore may sound somewhat sterile
© The complete copyright of the music (also this electronic version) has been deposited. This means that you can only listen but not use it nor partially, nor completely for your own purposes. Let alone that you use it for your own performances or productions. For citation rights please contact the publisher and the Buma/Stemra organization in the Netherlands.



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