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The Prisoner

— Lament of a condemned —

Voorblad The Prisoner Ensemble: SATB Choir, English horn, Piano
Published: February 2017
Text: Aristos Bouïus
Duration: ± 18.00 minutes

ISBN: 9789461331021
ISMN: 9790803557047

A fairly recent composition (February 2017) with the misleading title The Prisoner and the revealing but equally misleading subtitle Lamentation of a condemned. In fact, it is an autobiographical document, both in text and in music. As was customary in the Renaissance, the music was written on the basis of the poem (in this case both by myself) and not the other way around. An impression of my life at the time, in which my body left me more and more.
The text is not necessarily encouraging - but I do not pursue that. As written elsewhere on this site, I believe that melancholy should have a larger place in our lives. Only then can we also enjoy the cheerful moments. Well, it is only a view. If someone can convince me, I will trade it in for a better philosophy. Every episode in life finally remains a snapshot.
The poem itself is enough self-explaining - I do not need to elaborate on that. I am still 100% behind it.

This is the poem:

A poet I am not, so I don’t pursue rhyme,
since life itself does rhyme not know.

My body is still mine, but likely not for long.
During daily struggle Ares takes its chances.
My pneuma flows, vibrates like ever before.

[My first pain]
Yet fled they have, my near ones.
They experience all alone already,
too much trouble to outlive this life.
My weakness is their greatest fear.

[My second pain]
Disappeared are my friends,
in search of foolish guarantee for this life,
completely bound up in their fear
for this grim and cruel existence,
and Thanatos who threatens them.

[My third pain]
Away is now my love,
entirely under the spell of Priapus,
by defining an ultra short moment
as eternal fulfillment
and by firmly closing both his eyes,
stripping of obligation.

My strength, my work, creative urge
will be believed only when other people praise,
since just respecting is too much required.
If then suddenly all days turn ebony,
if nights start glowing in torrid light,
then flees resistance and stability,
to pave the way for this outlandish loneliness.

[Final confession]
How oft did I attend a funeral:
a near one, neighbour, friend, or even lover?
I looked at the coffin, people standing around
and could think of one thing only:
Which error did I make? What went so wrong?
That he could break loose from his body,
freed from his loneliness.
That I am still a prisoner.

Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah

Below you can get an impression of this composition in its latest version.

I advise you not to listen to the music via a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. That could turn out to be a disappointment, unless you use very good headphones. For a reasonably acceptable experience, a computer with a good sound system is required!

Please note:
This music is an Midi representation and is therefore not comparable to a human version! For example, one does not hear the words of the sung text by the choir, but only "aah" and "ooh". The instruments, on the other hand, are quite realistic thanks to the latest electronics. It remains, however, that the whole of the interpretation of the conductors/musicians is missing and therefore may sound somewhat sterile
© The complete copyright of the music (also this electronic version) has been deposited. This means that you can only listen but not use it nor partially, nor completely for your own purposes. Let alone that you use it for your own performances or productions. For citation rights please contact the publisher and the Buma/Stemra organization in the Netherlands.



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